Santa??? (not for those who still believe)

I have been thinking about Santa and his wondrous stalking abilities lately. This is kind of a joke, but has some seriousness to it… ^-^

Santa watching you in the night

You think you’re sleeping out of sight

Santa knows all about you

Every little thing you do

Santa the man in the red suit

And shine black boot

Santa knows how to enter your house

Without making the noise of a mouse

Your parents tell you these lies

You believe them less as time flies

The story haunts you in the night

You sit in the corner full of fight

Never think to much of these things

The reindeer fly, as the bell rings

The stranger living on the north pole

His ever happy, jolly soul

His elf’s making lots of toys

For the good girls and boys

Ever watching you

Ever stalking you

This Mr. Santa Claus

And his story full of flaws!

I have never liked Santa. Even as a child I remember feeling weird about the whole thing. I think I was about 4/5 when I asked my parents if Santa was really and they told me the truth. I really respect them for not keeping the act up. I hope you enjoyed reading my poem, I had a ton of fun writing it! Feel free to share 😀

Thank you for dropping by the castle, Until tuesday

Princess Allie ❤

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