A walk through the mist of the past.

I started writing poetry a few years ago. I thought I would share some my favorites.

This is the oldest poem I have. I’m not sure when it was written. If I were to guess I would say around Sept-Dec 2010. Because the summer before was when I really got into poetry and I brought the notebook with some friends when we went school shopping.

What a true friend friend I’ll be.


I’ll be your friend

In darkness or rain

When the stormy winds blow

or the birds softly sing.


I’ll be your friend

In sickness and pain

When meadows are bright

With summer’s first light

or when trees fall

and when all your world burns.

The inspiration for this came from a friendship that started in 2009. We are still best friends to this day. I had always wanted to have a close friend. I started praying for a close friend I could share everything with. God brought her into my life and by his grace our friendship has made it through.

I wrote this right before I moved away from my closest friends and a good church. I had grown up so much there and I really didn’t want to leave. Spring of 2011

When my ship is sinking low

and all I see is woe

When I feel I can’t go on

and life has passed me on

That’s when He comes walking

on the troubled sea where my ship is sinking down

and he whispers

“My child I am here, don’t let go

If I can walk on water

and created the skies and sea

Then I can help you through this trial

that seems so hard to bear.”

I don’t like good byes and I don’t like uncertainty. Moving across country involves both. My faith was tested and shaken but it did not fail me.

After we moved if felt like everything that could go wrong was going wrong. We ended up living in a motel 6 for a month, with the whole family and our pets. Not very fun even if you don’t mind sharing a space.

Lord I need your help

I have no one I can turn to now

There’s no shoulder to lean on

I have no strength to press through this storm

The waves are high, the sky is dark, I’m sinking

Lord I need your help and love.

On top of living in a hotel, I was having a hard time being the new kid again after having so many friends a few months before.

I wrote this one after we got our new house. My bed was right by the window.

I love it when the morning light falls on my brow

The one who made all things to be

Made the sun that we might see.

I really like the peacefulness of sunrises and sunsets.

I got smart and started dating my poems lol! I wrote this one on Nov, 21, 12.

When your tears

fall like a summer shower, rain

when your fears

over take you, life’s excruciating pain

When no one hears

they over look your fervent cry.

when shears

are the stares of all passing by

when heavenly ears

seem so far away

when peers

down your shoulders, this burden to stay.

I was feeling very emotionally overwhelmed. I didn’t know how to handle it all, earlier that month I had been to my great grandfathers funeral and I was behind in some classes because of it. I was stressed and a wreck.

I wrote this on Oct, 27, 13.

I loved you

and you turned away

I gave you my all

Yet you did not stay.


I call for you

and you hear me not

I have forgiven you

yet others have you sought


I stand here waiting

my arms are open

you never come

you keep hiding your face often


My heart weeps for you

My blood was spilled for you

But you live for you

You’ve love only for you


I must judge you

I must call for justice

You no longer have favor in my sight

you rejected my son and my light


I can no longer protect you

from the evil you do

I cannot see the sin covering you

Leave, I never knew you.

I was studying the end day and times. It’s still hard for me to understand the love and patience of God for us humans. It is just to awesome for my understanding and words.

I wrote this on Oct, 1, 2014.

Sick in bed with the flu

what’s a girl to do?

the sky is gray and sad

I can hear a child crying and mad

My nose will not stop flowing like a stream

If I puke once more I will scream!

I was bored, sick and couldn’t sleep. I think by the end of it everyone in our house had it.

I hope you enjoyed walking down memory lane with me. I haven’t wrote any poems this year but I’m sure some will coming soon! I’ve been in a writing mood lately.

Until Tuesday

Princess Allie ❤


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