Revamp an old hat DIY

Today I would like to share a DIY. Let’s get started!!!

You’ll need.

  • An old hat that needs a facelift.
  • Fabric paint of your choice. (I used black and red.)
  • Paint brushes.
  • A paper plate or palette.
  • Mod podge.
  • Glitter.
  •  Paper cup. (I used an old egg carton.)
Start DIY

Start DIY

  1. Start by getting all your supplies together.
  2. Paint the front of the hat.
  3. Let it dry. (My paint dried fairly fast 30 minutes or so, just enough time to do some homework or watch your favorite show.)
  4. Paint the brim of the hat.
  5. Let it dry.

    Before glitter

    Before glitter

  6. Mix the mod podge and glitter. (I used 1/3 glitter to 2/3 mod podge but if you want more or less glitter you can modify this accordingly.)
  7. Paint hat with glitter mixture.
  8. Let it dry. (Mod podge takes longer to dry, around two hours or so.)
  9. Paint the hat with a coat of plain mod podge to seal in the glitter. (You can skip this step but you may end up leaving glitter behind without this coat.)
  10. Let it dry over night.
  11. Style and wear the hat!!!
The Finished hat

The Finished hat

Here are some styling ideas! ❤

Lazy Day outfit

Lazy Day outfit

  • Black hoodie
  • Tshirt dress
  • Leggings
  • Black flats
  • DIY hat
Week day outfit

Weekday outfit

  • Penguin tshirt
  • Black skirt
  • Brown oxfords
  • Jean jacket
  • Gold mustache necklace
  • Wrap bracelet.
  • DIY hat
Weekend outfit/Date outfit

Weekend outfit/Date outfit

  • Sweater dress
  • Gold and cream belt
  • White heels
  • Gold necklace
  • DIY hat

I hope you guys enjoy this DIY as must as I did. Have any amazing Friday!!!

Princess Allie ❤

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