Yes, I’m just a writer.

I am a writer and that makes me great or so I’ve been told
But all I do is write with my pen and paper!
My pen can be most anything a sword, a shield, a tent.
My pen and paper is my high tower, a God sent!
My paper holds tightly the words I love
My brain is where it all comes to life… the sounds, feelings, smells and sights
My pen and paper creates worlds unknown magnificently!
My eyes see the world, all that it is, what it could be and how it should be
My fingers hold my pen in whatever form it takes
My pen and my paper what music it makes!
My heart believes every word, no matter how fake
so yes, I’m a writer but that doesn’t make me great
It only means that my best of friends are my pen and paper!
My body I’ll always have but the moment I leave my best of friends
Is the moment I cease to to write.
That is the moment I’ll not be a writer
I hope the day I leave my pen aside
Quit dreaming of clean paper
I’ll be old and about to die.
Because no matter what comes my way I hope I’ll find a way
To use my pen and paper every single day!!!

Anyone who writes, is a writer! There is great strength in writing but it’s not always glamorous work. It is that work. When you love doing something you don’t seem to mind the work so much. [=

I hope you guys are enjoying your Tuesday
Princess Allie ❤

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