Through The Windows Of October

Through the windows of October is a series I am starting tomorrow. I will be writing on different topics such as “The fall wedding”, “The famous Man’s Quote” and many others. I have filled a jar with 10 or so topics for days when I don’t know what to write. I welcome you to join me on this writing adventure. ^_^

Through The Windows of October

I look through the windows of October.

What is it I see?
Leaves, the colors of fire.
Bright Reds, Oranges and Yellows.
Within the souls of men burning desire,
to be fill with warmth from a cup of coffee— or three.

I walk on to a window titled 23, I stop because of the bells I hear ringing.

And what do you think I see,
A chapel, A young girl in white.
The merriment, songs of joy and young love.
I watch as they walk from the door into the bright sunlight.
The bubbles fly as their smiling faces walk by, man and wife forever to be!

As I walk on it begins to rain and from the last few windows I hear sorrow and pain.

I try looking in through the deep fog…
But all I see is children crying and old men sighing.
This is a pain, a sorrow I wish I could take away… but I can’t.
I watch the birds take flight and I wish I could stop all the crying.
I hear the guns begin their salute, I notice the family sitting, weeping on a wet log.

As I walk away I pray this pain will not always be there.

This is a sample poem and the inspiration for the title of the series. I hope you enjoyed it, if you did please like and share. Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to smile!

Princess Allie ❤

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