Through The windows of October #4

About to Fly

Sorry this is going up so late. Today I wanted to share some thoughts about spending our time wisely and living every moment. Enjoy!

The man who was about to

I’m about to fly.
I’ll go so high,
I’ll even touch the sky!
How to get these minutes to go by,
Faster, Faster, Faster!
One day I’ll be a master!

Tomorrow hurry and appear!
I respect you, with little fear.
I’ve watch loved ones cry a tear.
But I’m far to busy to stop here!
I spend my time dreaming of tomorrow and yesterday,
I forget this very moment, this hour and today.

I’m so focused on the future,
I wish today would pass.
I’m confident in my own self, I am sure.
I have plans written in gold, silver and brass.
I know what I’m doing,
there’s no bother booing!

I’m about to fly,
into the sky!
I’ll be the first man on Mars,
The one with all the sports cars.
Yes, you’ll know me by name,
tomorrow when I have glory and fame!

But as this man boasted of great things,
He neglected today, where work is done.
Until the day he was dying,
On his death bed he lay.
He turned to his son
with this saying
“Get the doctor boy, I’ve got things to do…”
And there he died from the flu.
So ends the story of the man who,
was always about to.

I hope you are all enjoying your Sunday. Remember you’re beautiful and don’t forget to smile! I’ll see you all again tomorrow. (:

Feel free to like, share or comment. [=

Princess Allie ❤

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