Through The Windows Of October #9

Thank you all for the well wishes, I am feeling better today. Today’s inspiration comes from my perfectionist side. Always wanting everything perfect and finding out you’ve done something wrong. The worst feeling ever!

Mismatched Shoes


I feel discombobulated.
Tore in two inside.
I am the things I’ve hated.
But I only seem to hide.

I make my world prefect and organized,
On the outside.
That’s when I realized,
Just how much I have lied.

I know nothing anymore.
I feel like a failure.
It’s a feeling deep within my core.
I can’t believe my reproachful behavior.

I haven’t even begun,
I feel nothing can be done.
I just sit looking into the Sun.
I no long have any fun.

Everything has lost it’s meaning.
I have lost my way.
I don’t even feel like being,
One of them anyway!

I will sail on my own wind.
I will stand alone.
I will make up my own mind.
I will not be their clone!

My compassion will be great.
Loving all and caring for their needs.
We’re all equals no matter our feat.
Planing each soul with kindness seeds.

One day our souls,
A garden where wild flowers grow.
Having passion burning like hot coals.
We will defeat every foe.

The lives of our enemies we will not take.
We’ll overtake them with love and kindness.
We’ll show them forgiveness for our own sake.
We will be found before all people blameless.

Grace, Mercy and Righteousness have already won.
So let us join there side and be one!
Let what’s Just and peaceful be done!
Let vengeance be taken by none!

We the noble daughters and sons,
Must lead with patience and longsuffering.
Let not our words speak alone but along side our actions.
Living day to day without selfishness stirring.

Let us only have courage and joy,
To face very battle and war.
Training every man, woman, girl and boy,
To serve the High King in every chore.

Come let us join hand and sing.
For every word of our King is true!
All praise be to our noble King,
Who gave himself to love me and you!

I will not be like this earth!
I will be honest and true.
In the High Kings way I find my worth,
He cleansed me through a newbirth!

Yay it’s Friday! ^_^ I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of your weekends!!! I will be back tomorrow with a new poem, I’ll see you then!

Feel free to like, share and comment. [=

Princess Allie ❤

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