Through The Windows of October #10

Hello again, today I’m trying something totally new! It’s poetry meets word games. I hope you guys like it. ^_^


Restless Star

I am restless
Like an electic sky.
I want to dance the time by.
I want to name every nameless,

I want to do it all!
My world won’t stop moving.
Everything I see I should be doing.
I need to do it now before I stall!

I’m a whirlwind of speed.
I want to change humanity,
for the better, only.
Please, don’t take this need,

I honestly have no idea,
What it is I’m doing!
But I must keep going.
I am a running rhea.

I will not be subsided!
I must travel on.
I am the burning sun at dawn.
My souls desires, restlessness collided,

I am a bird uncaged.
I’m a child learning to run,
An old soul having fun.
I cannot be aged!

So dear restlessness of mine,
Do not leave my side!
It’s on you, my creativity will ride.
Restlessness in me, you’ll be just fine,

Star, far away, please won’t you stay!

I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday!!! Tomorrow I’ll be back with another post, until then my friend! =D

Feel free to like, share and comment. [=

Princess Allie ❤

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