Through The Windows Of October #12

A new poem Yay!!! *happy dance* (= I got today’s inspiration from the night sky, new moon and dancing. I hope you enjoy, I had a blast writing it! ^_^

The lone Star (I’m a new photographer, I was so pound to have catch that one star in the night sky. LOL)


I sit underneath the new moon.
Dreaming of of the coming doom.
The moment they find out I dance all night in my room.
I can feel the embarrassment setting in and the anxiety loom.
I wonder what will be written on my tomb…
That’s when I hear a great BOOM!!!
I start to run, Zoom Zoom!!!
I run until I trip on a mushroom.
I listen. I watch. But for whom…
I wait. Think. Maybe running should resume.
I can’t believe this is the end… dying of thirst I assume.
Or drinking poisonous brew or smelling a witches perfume!
Insanity will follow I presume.
All this over dancing in my room!
That’s when I see a flying broom!!!
The night somehow darkens and fills with gloom.
While I look down on a dying bloom.
I fill with rage and begin to fume.
I won’t believe this ending, I haven’t gotten my groom!
All my anger starts flowing through a flume.
That’s when her words ring out like a KABOOM!
I fall to the ground wanting to vroom, vroom.
I wake with a fast beating heart, I am such a goon!

I hope you are all having an amazing Monday! Starting the week off fresh, new and clean with no mistakes in it! I’ll be back tomorrow with a new post! Have a wonderful rest of your day!

Feel free to like, share and comment! [=

Princess Allie ❤

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