Through The Windows of October #13

Happy Tuesday! Today’s inspiration comes from my tea drinking obsession!!! (=



I love tea!!!
From bush or tree.

I love hot tea,
And cold tea.

I’ve loved tea since I was young.
I’ll love tea when I’m old!

Teas from over seas.
Tea with honey from bees.

Tea with honey and milk,
Runs down my throat like silk.

Ice tea,
Sun tea.

Sweet Japanese tea.
British tea cookie.

Green tea, white tea, earl gray
A different tea everyday!

Peppermint tea for holidays,
Southern sweet tea on birthdays.

Tea in round teacups,
Curing all my hiccups!

Tea at every meal!
Tea is the best, for real!!!

I hope you are having a wonderful day! I personally am fishing off my second cup of tea! ^_^ I’ll be back tomorrow with a new post! Have a magnificent day and don’t forget to smile! 😉

Feel free to like, share and comment. [=

Princess Allie ❤

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