Through The Windows Of October #30

Hello again friends, tomorrow is the last day of this challenge. O= It’s rather shocking to be honest that I’ve been able to keep this challenge… Anywho today’s inspiration comes from my great, greatfather. Enjoy!!! ^_^

The Grave yard

The Strong Man

I can still see the cold,
Dark headstone,
Laying on the ground.

I remember the dirt,
The wind,
hardly making a sound.

I see the flowers dead with decay.
I remember holding my tears at bay.

The last time I saw him,
I was sick and asleep…

He was doing fine,
Able, everything to keep.

Then out of the blue…
The phone rang out…

He had gone to heaven,
With a great shout!!!

His loved ones didn’t know,
That would be his last day.

When that Friday came…

He had been slightly ill,
But he was better,
And going home until…

He turned for the worse,
Never making a comeback.

We got the call,
From someone with tack…

They said he’s gone…

We cried…
As a family.

We packed our bags,
Going the next day,
headed for the funeral.

Then we stood by the grave…

The light was dim…
Is so grim…

I would have never guessed,
That sickness would take him…

My strong Papa…

He was a fighter!
He would never give up!!!

He was a war hero.
He wrote ancestry books.

He had these far away looks…
My grandfather a strong man.

Back when I had peach fuzz for hair,
and my grandmother gave me a Teddy bear.

I remember my grandfather sitting in his chair,
Telling stories, sharing memories of a time gone past.

I loved going to visit with them,
I would do anything to visit them again…

The flashbacks helpped me through the funeral…
I stood in the wind twirling all around.

The leaves all falling to the ground,
It was hard looking around…
Seeing life dying all about.

It’s been a few years now,
I remember the details somehow.

The grave sight,
The guns fired,
The dim overcast light.

I can still see the pond,
The birds flying off beyond.

I can see the other headstones,
And feel their cold, dusty bones…

The people I have never met,
Who let their hand set,
On shoulders, on knees…

People everywhere are crying,
I wished to be a bird flying.

I want to escape this moment,
And their empty comment.

I just want to be alone…
It’s okay for me to frown…

Getting lost in the memories,
And one of my grandfathers stories.

Thank you for reading. Today’s picture is actually a picture my great grandfather took! (I believe it was during WW2 but I’m not 100% sure.) He was an amazing photographer! I really miss him but I hope to live a full life like he did. I’ll be back tomorrow with a new post. I’m sorry if this is a bit scatter brained… The grieving mind is a wonder to make any sense of. Keep your chins up dearies! ^_^

Feel free to like, share and comment. [=

Princess Allie ❤

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