Life And Death…

Hello my lovely friends. Today I bring you a story written backwards. Enjoy.

Life And Death

She wished for the courage to hang from the rope.
With their words she lost all hope.
Those simple words said without care.
Nothing they had to share.
The only thing she ever felt good at
That’s what they choose to spit at
Never being the smartest.
The lies about being an awful artist.
The words started playing over in her head.
She went to her room and lay in bed.
For their own selfish gain.
The hurting people made her feel pain.
She even made a joke or two.
She laughed because there was nothing else to do.
First her personality than her art.
She smiled as they began to pull her apart.


I hope you are having a beautiful day. Keep smiling from the inside out. 😊


Allie ❀


β€œDon’t let others define you or they might pick the worst word in the dictionary.”
― Matshona Dhliwayo

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