Food Allergies…

Hello my lovely friends. Today I decided to show you a part of my life I am insecure about. I have a lot of food allergies. That’s a fact. I have actually never realize I was insecure about this… I just feel awful when having to explain it, talking about it and would rather it go unnoticed. Hahaha which is kinda the definition of insecurity.

I have had food allergies since I was a child. It started off as just an allergic reaction to strawberries. Then I ended up in the E.R. because of shellfish. I’ve been to the E.R. two or three times and I haven’t eaten any shellfish since that first E.R. visit. I am also allgeric to gluten, dairy, corn and legumes (peanuts and beans). I will sometimes still eat dairy, corn or some beans but I pay the price for those food choices. I try hard not to eat things that my body rejects.

I think the hardest part of this insecurity is rejecting someone else’s cooking. When this happens I just say no thank you and if they are set on giving it to me… I give it to someone else. I hate having to deal with this, it’s really embarrassing. I also hate when people treat it like I’m a picky eater… but that’s a whole other story.

It’s really rough visiting people and eating out. They make a huge fuss about the restaurant. Or I cook my own meal and they get offended. They make it a huge deal when it is like breathing for me. I would just prefer it to go unnoticed.

Hahaha Let’s end this on a good note. I feel like I have just ranted this whole post.

What I have learned from my Food Allergies

I have learned a lot about health since my first E.R. visit. Sharing food is a physiological thing. It is a physically seen sign of bonding. (That’s why people get so hurt when you don’t take their food.)

I have generally been a healthy person but I have eaten a lot cleaner because of my allergies. I don’t eat nearly as many processed foods.

I have grown as a cook and baker. I have learned how to cook a ton of new veggies and fruits. I have learned how to bake with new flours and such. I have also had to be more creative in the kitchen. I may have fewer ingredients but a lot of different meals and recipes.

I have related to so many people who have food allergies and/or disease with complex dietary needs. I have had my eyes opened. I never knew before how many people have complicated dietary needs!!!

I have also learned how to read ingredient lists and the importance of knowing what’s really in food.

I’ve learned to be patience with people who don’t understand and not to explain more than is asked. It’s not my job to tell the world my “problems” but to live in peace with the world and my “problems”.

I have also learned that I am insecure about eating differently. I don’t like people making a fuss over me. I find it very embarrassing. But I am also okay with how I eat and I know it’s the best for my body.

I have learned that food is very important to humans. Our food says a lot about us. Our relationship with food says a lot about us. And how we relate to people and food says a lot about us.

Thank you all for reading this post. It’s a bit different from what I’m used to writing but I thought it would be fun to talk about food. I’m also sorry I haven’t been posting consistently. That will hopefully change soon. πŸ˜‰

Do you have any complex dietary needs or friends who do? Let me know in the comments how you handle the awkwardness!!!

Until we meet again,
Allie ❀

“Hey mom, I am only one shrimp away from heaven!” ~Allie 2012

Through The Windows Of October #19

Hi! =D I hope you are all having a good Monday. Today’s inspiration comes from that feeling of betrayal. Whether from someone you love, friend, family member or otherwise someone abuses your trust, that kind of betrayal.



I trusted you.
I was vulnerable too…

You said you would always be there for me,
But I didn’t realize I needed protecting from thee…

When I opened myself up,
I let you look into my souls cup…

It’s broken now,
There’s no fixing it anyhow…

I gave you my heart,
You tore me apart…

What am I supposed to do,
Pretend I don’t know you..?

You killed something inside of me,
You saw my core, my roots, me being free…

Then you, you dumped all of it into the sea,
You locked me into a box and throw away the key…

You pulled all my walls down,
Just to watch me drown…

I hide in my tower,
Far away from your power…

Everything is stuck on replay,
I wish I could just make it fray…

The good memories of us,
All the sudden ran over by a bus…

All because you had to belittle,
Everything you had to whittle…

You left me in the dark,
Did you think this was some lark..?

I spent the night crying into my pillow,
You struck my heart, you aimed the arrow…

I hear you say I’m the one to blame,
That I’m the one who caused all the shame…

I can’t take it anymore,
There’s nothing but pain instore…

Just because I’m the one that walked away,
Doesn’t mean I didn’t try to make it better and stay…

It just became too much,
All the lies and such…

I got sick of trying,
All the dirty looks and sighing…

This is not what I wanted,
You shouldn’t have flaunted…

But it’s all over now,
I’ve begun to move on somehow…

I have forgiven you,
I don’t think you have a clue…

You hurt me very deeply,
I was played very cheaply…

I will never be disloyal to a friend,
I will remain faithful to the very end…

I’ve never bad mouthed you to anyone,
What’s been done is done…

Today I am moving on,
I’m no longer your prawn…

I’ve learned to be kinder,
And not to be blinder…

Thank you for the hard lesson,
I will let our broken trust effect none…

I will allow others in,
Maybe not today, but again…

I will heal,
Love to feel…

Thank you so much for reading my poem! I hope you enjoyed it and I honestly hope you can’t relate to this one… but if you can I hope you have learned to love again. *hug* Having your trust taken advantage of is the worst feeling ever! Anyway have a beautiful evening. I’ll be back tomorrow with a new post. ^_^ See you then! [=

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Princess Allie ❀

Through The Windows Of October #18

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. ~Hebrews 11:1 {KJV}

I wasn’t really sure what to write about today, I’ve had a lot of things on my mind. A lot has been happening in my life. But I really felt a need to write about Faith.


My God has been so Faithful.
He has never left me wanting.
He is the one fighting my Battle.
Even when things are daunting!

My faith in God has been tested.
The daily struggle of living Faith.
It is in God I am vested.
He is first not eighth.

It’s more Faith that I need,
Wisdom and Understanding,
I seek, and from sin to be freed.
Selfishness and pride disbanding.

I hope you all had a blessed Lords day. I will be back tomorrow with a new post. Enjoy the last few hours of your weekend!!!

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Princess Allie ❀

Through The Windows Of October #9

Thank you all for the well wishes, I am feeling better today. Today’s inspiration comes from my perfectionist side. Always wanting everything perfect and finding out you’ve done something wrong. The worst feeling ever!

Mismatched Shoes


I feel discombobulated.
Tore in two inside.
I am the things I’ve hated.
But I only seem to hide.

I make my world prefect and organized,
On the outside.
That’s when I realized,
Just how much I have lied.

I know nothing anymore.
I feel like a failure.
It’s a feeling deep within my core.
I can’t believe my reproachful behavior.

I haven’t even begun,
I feel nothing can be done.
I just sit looking into the Sun.
I no long have any fun.

Everything has lost it’s meaning.
I have lost my way.
I don’t even feel like being,
One of them anyway!

I will sail on my own wind.
I will stand alone.
I will make up my own mind.
I will not be their clone!

My compassion will be great.
Loving all and caring for their needs.
We’re all equals no matter our feat.
Planing each soul with kindness seeds.

One day our souls,
A garden where wild flowers grow.
Having passion burning like hot coals.
We will defeat every foe.

The lives of our enemies we will not take.
We’ll overtake them with love and kindness.
We’ll show them forgiveness for our own sake.
We will be found before all people blameless.

Grace, Mercy and Righteousness have already won.
So let us join there side and be one!
Let what’s Just and peaceful be done!
Let vengeance be taken by none!

We the noble daughters and sons,
Must lead with patience and longsuffering.
Let not our words speak alone but along side our actions.
Living day to day without selfishness stirring.

Let us only have courage and joy,
To face very battle and war.
Training every man, woman, girl and boy,
To serve the High King in every chore.

Come let us join hand and sing.
For every word of our King is true!
All praise be to our noble King,
Who gave himself to love me and you!

I will not be like this earth!
I will be honest and true.
In the High Kings way I find my worth,
He cleansed me through a newbirth!

Yay it’s Friday! ^_^ I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of your weekends!!! I will be back tomorrow with a new poem, I’ll see you then!

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Princess Allie ❀

Through The Windows Of October #5

Hello guys! ^_^ I hope you are all having an amazing Monday! Well today I have a poem that will brighten your spirits! (Hopefully!) =D

The Sunrise

The Painting On The Wall

There are two paintings on my wall
I made them when I wasn’t very tall
When things of importance were small
Back when I lived to kick a soccer ball
And play outside within my mothers call

Now things are different from my childhood days
The simplicity of life’s magic still stays
I still love dressing up and acting in plays
And sometime even swimming in bays
Memories come flowing back of molding clays

Now everything is filled with anxiety and fear
We can never get close or hold loved ones near
Because we’re to busy to comfort their tear
We no longer have time to listen and hear
Am I the only one finding this queer?

I think we all need to take a look back
Before the days we started talking smack
That time long ago we played in an old shack
We kept all our treasures in a blue backpack
Long before we had our names in a plaque.

Yes, back to those days we played by the brook
And we read Grimm’s fairy tale book
Remember the time we played campfire cook
We still need the joy, playtime and cleaver look
We had on those adventures we undertook

I stare at the paintings made in my childhood past
And I realize it will be okay to finish last
To take my time, think, pray and fast
Smell the roses and have a blast
Because the wisdom I grain will be vast.

I hope you enjoyed the poem! I’ll see you again in a post tomorrow. (=

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Princess Allie ❀

Through The Windows Of October #2

Some of my fondest memories are of playing in the rain with family and friends. But as we get older we some how deem it nonsense to play in the rain and otherwise. Adults (and really anyone over 10 years old) are too grown to play. I personally think that’s wrong. I think there is a time to play, a time to goof off even if you are 65 and own the largest skyscraper in NYC! I understand we all need to learn to be serious but we can’t forget to play!!! There are already too many serious things in this world. πŸ˜‰

Playing in The Rain.

Don’t tell me I’m too old,
I won’t listen to you scold!
It really is alright for me to play in the rain,
I won’t catch a cold.

Why, why does it make you so mad???
I jumped into a puddle or two, that’s nothing bad.
Yes, now my clothes are spoiled.
But that’s no reason to be sad.

Why do you think it’s foolish
For me to dance in the rain???
So my clothes will have little stains.

You think I’m insane when I give your children rings,
We run outside jumping in puddles, being Queens and Kings.
But dear, we’re just visiting Narnia and worlds beyond your view!

To be honest, I don’t understand you at all!!!
Your children are very smart for ones so small.
Just because you’re grown doesn’t mean you know everything.

When I grew up my childhood self came too.
She lives and breathes in everything I do.
Sometimes I let her lead, we make messes and play.

That crazy child inside of me, sees everything as a joke,
Or a funny game called poke!
But I’m very responsible too,
I know when to put things back into the Zoo.

So don’t condemn with nasty looks,
Or judge my story books!
Because sometime the child in you will be leading,
And it will always be okay.

Listen to that voice inside your head,
Telling you play is discovery masked in joy!
Next time you see us playing with “kid” toys,
Or doing the things for girls and boys,
Come join us, no matter our age,
We are the ones becoming sage!

I hope you all enjoyed today’s poem! It was a pleasure to write and share with you all! ^_^
Thank you so much for reading! I’ll see you all tomorrow with in a new post! xD

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Princess Allie ❀

The Voyage

I don’t really have an introduction for this poem. It is just simple a moment in life we all must face whether we will live by faith in God or by the vision of man. Enjoy!!! [=

The Voyage

I’ve kept the north star
Within my sights.
But clouds are moving in
A storm, without moonbeams or star light.
I must trust the charts, the maps
The author there of.

He has been right so far,
I feel the pressure though—
One wrong move… ‘Twill be the end.
Cold waves begin to rise, the bow dips low.
I see fear in my men’s eyes.
Others will not know… for they haven’t ties,
To the Lady Elizabeth Rose
Or her sailors.

I feel my ship rocking, tossing and creaking.
I feel my men begin to lose hope.
I start to sing the songs of our homeland.
I’m desperately trying to cope.
The lightening crashes around us,
The mast needs to come down…

We’re on fire! Cries a voice loud.
My hope and faith slip… This is a wooden ship!
I cry out to all my men, STOP AND PRAY!
I hear the fires crackling over the storm.
My head is bowed.
My heart is surrendered.

Lord, please save us.
Lord, we’ve done all we can do.
We are trusting you to
save us… Or give us dying grace.

We pray as the flames grow.
We cry out to the Lord and master of the ship and sea.
It feels like hours are passing as the air runs low.
That’s when we hear shouting
From The Lily of The Valley.
What a bright morning star!!!

The Kings men welcome us aboard.
They help us save what we can from our ship.
The charts, maps and guide book from our Lord,
The ships flag, homeland flag and all our men alive.
We cry out with thankful hearts,
Praising our great Savior above!!!

I’m sorry I have been MIA most of the summer. Life has been really crazy lately but I really want to get back into writing again. So stick around there is a lot more to come very soon!!! =D Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to smile!

Thank you for reading. If this has blessed you please like and share.
Princess Allie ❀
Love ya!

What do you want to do when you grow up?!?!?

What do you want to do when you grow up???

I really dislike this question. First off how do I answer your question truthfully? A. Do I give you the full list of things I want to do? B. Do I tell you what you want to hear? (I.E. I want to be a fashion designer or Stylist… maybe both.) There are so many factors that play into this question I haven’t got a clue about. Why are you even asking me?

These are all the thoughts running through my mind in that 5-15 seconds I’m staring at you blankly. Then I usually go for the simply answer you want to hear. “I would like to go into the fashion…” But to be honest that answer is a lie. It’s an answers given out of politeness. The sad part is we both know this yet we still go on playing this mind game. If we were honest. We would all be that brave soul (or is he really the stupid one who hasn’t figured out, it’s all a mind game..?) who truthfully says “I don’t know.” No one knows what they will be doing in 5 days much less 5 years! Having a plan is wonderful. But just because you have a plan, doesn’t mean you will be “successful” and vise versa.

Please, for the love of young people, STOP asking this question!

When I was younger people used to ask “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
What happened??? I have only grown a few years older. Now everything is about what I’m doing, not who I am and want to be. (This mind game of adulthood is confusing. I now understand why so many people are scared by it.)

I still remember being asked once what I wanted to be and giving this answer. “I want to be a cop during the day and a volunteer firewoman at night. Oh and on the weekends I’ll work in the ER or be an EMT.”
LOL! 5 year old me must have thought sleep was optional. But let’s be real, I still want to be what those people were to me. An inspirational everyday Hero.

So in all honesty here is what I want to be, not the one action that will define me for the rest of my life, not what I want to do with the rest of my life but who I want to be, the person behind the actions, the person I want to be today, tomorrow and on my death bed.

1. I want to be a good daughter, to my earthly parents and God.
2. I want to be a good citizen, here on earth and in heaven.
3. I want to be a good (not perfect) example.
4. I want to be kind, caring, loving and joyful.
5. I want to be a wise leader.
6. I want to be a good wife and mother. (One day)
7. I want to be a good student.
8. I want to be a generous giver.
9. I want to be loyal, trustworthy, respectful and honest.
10. I want to be an inspirational everyday Hero.

This is the person I’m working everyday to become. Someone who is loving and a strong leader. I’ve learned it really doesn’t matter what I do or who I do it with, as long as it lines up with these values/desires. Once I understood my values and what made me tick things became so simple and less stressful. I can honestly say I have no earthly idea what I want to do or what lines in my future. But I do know that it will be purposeful, amazing and whatever it is will be awesome!!! (Even if on Aug, 7th 2035 I’m on my hands and knees scrubbing the floor, it will be awesome!)

Princess Allie ❀

The Things I Miss Most…

This post is dedicated to everyone who is lonely.

The things I miss most
Can’t be bought with money.
They’re things you only see,
Rarely in a life time.
The things I miss most
Are people, love and family.

You know that moment you love someone
You let them in.
They get to see and know the real you,
And they love you all the more.
The loved ones you hold near,
The ones you wish were here.
Friendships that last a life time.
Family and love that is stronger than blood!
These are the things I miss most,
People, Love and Family.

The inside jokes
The crying from laughter.
The smiles and unspoken words,
Those looks of understanding.
The joy of finally seeing each other again.
True family.
That is what I miss the most.

The kind of love that’s boundless and free,
Grounded in loyalty.
The kind of brotherhood found in
Knowing and loving the same God.
The kind of love that race nor politics can change.
The kind of love founded in the same values.
I miss my people, loved ones and family.

The hugs without thinking twice.
The phone calls out of the blue.
The gifts for no reason at all.
The words of encouragement even
When you both know you’re failing.
They come along to help you without being asked.
They have two shoulders when you need to cry.
This. This love is what I miss.

I miss the sharing, genuinely caring.
I miss the honesty even when it hurt.
I miss the two sided relationships.
I miss people, Love and Family
My brotherhood of close loved ones.

I’m the kind of person who builds a strong group of close friends anywhere and everywhere I go. But I’m learning I am not a magician and both parties have to want to be there. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of rejection and/or not belonging. The worst part of all is not being able to change it or fix it. Just having to endure and face the fact you’ve been rejected for whatever reason. It’s tough. But you always come out stronger for it. Strength is built and revealed through weakness and endurance. We have all been in the valley of life alone or pushed aside. But God is with us all the time. So we’re never truly alone!!! Jesus will heal your hurting heart and soul, He will give you the power to forgive and move on. The greatest thing of all is in heaven we will always be surrounded by love, loved ones and the creator of love Himself! So anytime you feel alone remember that Jesus left us a promise in Heb 13:5 “Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.” (KJV) If we live contentedly and without covetousness, God will never leave us “So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.” Heb 13:6
Isn’t that one of the most amazing promises in the word of God?!? Always remember God loves you, you are never alone.

Princess Allie ❀

Ps. I love you too.

6 years ago today…

This is my testimony. I was saved 6 years ago in a small country church in Georgia, Faith. I was saved at Faith (the church I was in), by Faith (I had to put my faith in God) and through Faith (God’s plan of Salvation). πŸ™‚

June 14th 2009,
I remember it like,
It’s been photographed in my mind.
The blue carpeted floors,
The blue chairs,
Me sitting in the second row.
The preacher a missionary,
His message from psalms 23,
The peace of God.
The gentle voice of God.
The still waters of God.
I had never known this side of God
The God I knew was urgent, calling, pleading and true,
He kept saying,
“You hypocrite, stop living a lie,
Come, be brave, I’ll take you,
Trust me, I’m enough.”
But the missionary said the voice of God
Was sweet, kind and full of love.
I didn’t know these rivers of peace
Or green grass of rest.
My peace was knowing I had to fight
Everyday and night!
If I stopped I would drowned,
Or worse my mind would come to life.
I sat there thinking knowing the truth
One choice, one action, one soul and life.
I ran to the alter and cried out in tears,
Trying to tell myself hope was here,
I had said the prayer before
I had done my part.
The missionary came to me and asked
“Are you saved?”
I lied.
“Yes, ever since I was young.”
I had told myself this lie for years,
I could fake it ’til I made it…
But how do I know for sure I’m even faking it?
The confusion, what my heart knew
And what my head knew to be true
The missionary came to me again and asked
“Are you sure you are saved?”
“Yes!” I cried in anger and pain.
I said the prayer, I know what Jesus has done
He died for me
He bled for me
He hung in shame on a cross for me
My sin put him there
The pastor walked over to me
He spoke gently and asked
“Are you truly saved?”
That moment I broke
Nothing but tears came out
That moment I stopped lying to myself
I replied with a shake of my head
“No, no I’m not.”
In my own word and in my heart
I cried out to God
“Please. Please save me.”
My heart trusting him fully
I was no longer in control
I couldn’t fight anymore
Because I had found the light
What was once broken
Christ made whole.
What was broken in me was my sin
That burden of sin, I’ll never see it again!
That day I became the daughter of the King of Kings.
With all the delight and joy he brings.
He took me into his arms, family and one day his home.
I’ve never been the same
I was truly changed that day
Yes, being a Christian is “hard”
But it’s so much harder being
Lost, without God’s hope and peace.
Drowning in sin and seeking love but never finding it.
Being unforgiven and slaves to sin
That is what’s truly hard in this life.
I would never go back
I would never change that decision.

In the past 6 years I’ve grown in my faith and had the privilege to see God work in my life and lives around me. I pray God uses this to help, bless and minister to your heart.

Princess Allie ❀