Hello my lovely friends. I’m sorry I don’t post more often… I truly miss having time to write. I must carve out some time to do so. Here is a poem I wrote the other day. Enjoy.


i remember– acting
back in high school

the maiden- in a
3 hour play

masks, makeup and

lights, camera, action
the story of the day—

now– still acting
but it never ends

there are lines
i must say

no one seems
to realize

it’s masks, smoke

the story i create
reality stray—

ing far away
into a sea

of pain…
there i lay

dead— gone…

my ghost goes on
acting— okay

I hope you are all doing well. Have a wonderful day.

Allie ❤

“Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.” ― Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

A World Full Of Noise…

Hello my lovely friends. Today I have a poem to share, enjoy!


A World Full Of Noise…

We live in a world
Where no one listens
No one hears what you say
They just talk louder until one day
Maybe someone will hear their shout
Over all the other noise about
A world where you have to compete
Be the loudest one around
Don’t get caught sitting on the ground
Listening to the senseless sound
Of millions, billions fighting
For 5 minutes of spot light…

I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Allie ❤

 “Living as we do in an age of noise and bluster, success is now measured accordingly. We must all be seen, and heard, and on the air.”
― Daphne du Maurier

Through The Windows Of October #26

Hello friends, today’s inspiration comes from depression. It’s about conquering small doses of depression. Of course if you have depressive thoughts more than a few times a month you should go to your Doctor and talk to someone about it. But this is the depression we all feel and face in our everyday life’s.

It started with a need,
A need to be freed.

A fake smile,
Pretending awhile.

My heart beating fast,
Wishing this were all past.

Wanting hopes to collide,
Dreaming my future aside.

But I have no hope…
Just a long rope.

A way out…
No ones about.

The dark night…
The moon light.

Something swallows me whole,
I feel it deep in my soul…

I hear a voice…
Telling me to make a choice.

I can feel…
The numbness is real.

I don’t understand,
I lift my hand.

I see my fingers move,
Staring at the tiny grove.

I know in my head,
That I should go to bed.

I should forget this wave,
To my feelings, I am not a slave.

I need to force myself to choose reason.
Reason… Reason… Reason…

I must remove this from my mind.
Before it’s my body that they find…

This is only depression.
I can stop this oppression.

I need to find my calling,
Stop this endless falling.

I must instill meaning,
Into my being…

I must look ahead and remember,
I can make it through December.

I can make it through the cold.
When it’s Jesus that I hold.

I can make it through tonight.
With that one ray of light…

I have a purpose…
I may not see it on the surface.

But I conquered the rope,
I’m holding onto a drop of hope.

I’ve looked past my sorrow,
Into some else’s tomorrow.

My today really isn’t that bad.
I’m just a little sad…

I cannot control,
The uncontrollable.

Myself I must console,
While words are consolable.

For me, there is no need for pills,
Just for hugs, when I feel the chills.

I just need a reminder.
God has made me a survivor.

I hope you guys are all doing well, I’ll make this short since my poem was so long. I just wanted to share this for anyone who is struggling with depression or sadness. I want you to know you are not alone and God loves you. God has made a way out just for you. I love you too. I’ll be back tomorrow with a new post. Keep your chins held high and smile. {=

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Princess Allie ❤

Through The Windows Of October #21

Yay it’s midnight and I have no idea what to write… I found this picture. It reminds me of lonely times… I’m totally winging it today, so that’s all the inspiration I have. Let’s see what I come up with.

Next To You.

Sitting Next to you,
I feel alone… it’s true.

I feel overwhelmingly lost,
Like by the sea I’m tossed…

You look into my eyes,
But can’t see my cries…

I wipe away your tears,
But you won’t hear my fears…

It’s all one sided,
I feel so slided…

All I wanted was a good friend,
Who would stick with me to the end…

I’m glad you walked away…
So I no long have to stay.

I leave my doors open,
If you ever want to be friends again…

I hope you are all having a wonderful day… night… whatever time it is there. I hope you enjoyed my first thoughts of inspiration. I feel it still needs work but I wrote it in 15 minutes… so of course it will need work.Anywho I’m going to get some sleep now! I’ll be back tomorrow with a new post! Don’t forget to smile gorgeous.

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Princess Allie ❤