#22 NaPoWriMo, Butterfly Fly…

Hello my lovely friends. Today’s challenge was to write something in honor of earth day. I will not get into why I am not comfortable writing about earth day but I did not follow that challenge. I instead looked for inspiration, I found it in a post by Miss Madi (aka Owly) about adulting and growing up. She really got me thinking about adulthood. Enjoy.

Butterfly Fly

I’m sick of this cocoon
I need to leave it soon

It’s thick walls of protection
Are killing my production

My passion has been caged
My creativity has been aged

I need to grow anew
Learning my worldview

Everything is blue
This one thing I know is true
Everything is new

So I will spread my wings
I will do many new things

I will learn to fly
I will touch the sky

You and I shall become
The beat of our own drum

We will fly so high
We’ll have to say bye

But we butterflies
Will learn to be wise

Everything is blue
This one thing I know is true
Everything is new

That is what we shall do
Change the world through

Loving kindness
It won’t be tearless

But it will be worth it
Just to be able to sit

And know the pain
Shame, hurt made plain

Seeing the strength in their eyes
Holding them, hearing their cries

That is how we will help heal
Their souls by praying as we kneel

Before God asking for salvation
healing and grace for the nation

Everything is blue
This one thing I know is true
Everything is new

I hope you enjoyed this poem, it’s my vision of my future, my adult life. It’s my greatest desire. I really want to see healing and peace for all people. It’s my greatest prayer. I hope your day has been well. Keep smiling, your smile is gorgeous. ❤

Allie ❤

“Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, she became a butterfly.”
― Barbara Haines Howett

#13 NaPoWriMo, You’ll Find Love…

Hello my lovely friends. Today’s challenge is to write a poem with a lucky line inspired from a fortune cookie. I picked a very cheesy fortune cookie line. But a very serious storyline. Enjoy!!!

You’ll Find Love

I. Shutting them out,
I can’t bear when they shout.
They won’t even notice I’m not about.
Walking aimlessly I end up in China town.
No one seems to see my deep frown.
The rain hides my tears.
Wanting to hope but trusting fears.
The neon signs shine like stars,
And it seems to smell like heaven.

II. The little bell rings.
Their welcoming voices sing.
The warmth in the air
Like getting a hug from a bear.
I sit at a back table.
Believing the fighting was a fable.
My family is stable.

III. I order potstickers, rice
And beef ramen.
The smell is nice.
I forget about the pain,
For now.
I let the meal
Take me to a happier time.
Before I had to hide
Everything I feel.
Back to the days
My mom would cook
She didn’t have that dead look.
Before I knew what abuse was…
Before when I felt loved.
I eat slowly.
Feeling so lonely.
Wishing I could talk
But no one will listen…

III. The girl brings my bill.
And a small cookie.
“What will my fortune be today?”
I laughing push it away.
While I wait for my card.
My face is emotionless and hard.
I pick the cookie up.
It reads,
“You’ll find love
When you least expect it.”
I scoff. I roll my eyes and bite
My lip, as I throw it aside.
The pain I try so desperately to hide
Crawling onto my stone cold face.
I leave that building like an ace.
I run.
I run.
Never looking back.

IIII. That silly stupid paper.
I don’t even feel the rain,
Or the cuts…
But I feel the pain
Of my broken home.
The pain of faking strength.
The pain of never having hope.
Never having a future.
Never knowing if I will live until tomorrow.
It kills my soul that lowly sorrow.
It rips me apart.
Right from the start.
My poor young heart
Can’t handle this…
This lonely
I fall to me knees
And like a monster,
Letting my insides explode.
Letting every wall
Come crashing down.
Not caring who sees.
Not caring anymore
At all.
Just wanting to be numb from this pain
That is killing me.

V. Wet from rain,
Crying and blood.
I brush my knees off.
Too weak to stand
Too weak to live.
Too tired of trying.
Never winning.
I’ve lost every drop of hope.
The only hope I have is dying.
In death I will find no pain.
But I am not brave enough…
I am too weak to even take
Take my own life.
I look up into the heavens.
The stars hidden behind clouds.
The moon gone.
Nothing but rain.
And blackness.
I whisper
“Please. Please, show me true love.”
Nothing happens.
At all.
I sit like a drowned rat.
I couldn’t get any lower.

VI. I guess I can go home again.
It’s way past ten.
He will be so drunk…
Out cold.
She will be at work.
Drowning her grief.
I stand up.
Feeling dizzy and sick.
I walk around a minute.
I see the park.
The one with the view of the lighthouse.
My favorite place.
I walk on hoping to see
The lighthouse shine
One more time.
I think of that stupid paper.
I sigh.
Who am I…
To be worthy of love.

VII. I find the lighthouse
Misty and alone.
I wish I was strong like her…
Never failing to spread light.
Saving people from the darkest night.
All I want is to be loved…
I’d give anything.
I hear a gentle voice
Break through my thoughts.
“It’s a terribly cold tonight.”
I look over to see an older man.
I nod.
But wonder if he could even see it.
“I remember long ago.
On a cold night.
That lighthouse saved my life.”
His smile lit by her beam.
“She is stronger than she seem.
I was going to jump.
From that cliff.”
His bone finger shakes
Pointing to a spot.
A spot I had thought over
Many times.
“But there was an old man.
A salt of the sea.
He stopped me.
He told me of a great hope.
Greater than the end of a rope.
He told me of a man.
Whom like the lighthouse
Saves men.
This man loved me.
He died for me.”
I looked over at the old man
To see if he was crazy.
But I’ll never forget
What I saw in his eye.
“Jesus, died on a cross.
He took all my sin
And pain.”
There in that old man’s eyes.
I saw it.
True love
And hope.

VIII. I talked with the man.
He told me everything
About this Jesus
Who walked on the sea!
The lighthouse of the world.
Saving all who will trust his light.
I found a great friend that night.
My home has not changed.
But I have joy and hope.
No it’s not strange!
I have Jesus
My greatest love and savior.
He took me when I was too weak.
When I saw everything as bleak.
He took all my pain
And he told me, He loved me
Again and again.
I am a new girl.
Who has hope for tomorrow.
And a high tower to run to with all my sorrow!
I love Jesus.
He has change me.
He has made me whole.
Now I want the whole world to know!!!

Sorry, I know this is very long for me. Anywho I hope you are having an amazing week. Keep smiling, awesome sauce!!!

Allie ❤

“Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.”
― Anne Lamott

#9 NaPoWriMo, A Long Term Love…

Hello my lovely friends. Today’s challenge is to write a line you are afraid to write. I decided to brave this challenge wholeheartedly and write a poem on a topic I’ve never wrote about here on my blog. It’s very awkward for me, uncomfortable and I disagree with many people on it. Enjoy! ~_~

A Long Term Love

Love is virtuous.
Love is kind.
Love is a treasure to find.

Love is giving up my will.
Love isn’t feeling.
Love isn’t stealing.

When I marry you
That’s my last I do.
I will be forever yours.

Love is a three legged race.
Love is giving your all.
Love is doing tasks that are small.

Love is honoring.
Love is adoring.
Love is providing value.

When I marry you
That’s my last I do.
I will be forever yours.

Love is waiting.
Love is maturing.
Love is never holding back.

Love is good commutation.
Love is joy.
Love doesn’t destroy.

When I marry you
That’s my last I do.
I will be forever yours.

Some say “All it takes is a pretty face.”
But the love I want is more than a dating case.
I want a best friend, a soul mate not a boyfriend.

I want a love that lasts forever.
I will wait until I meet the right one.
A gentlemen knowing how things should be done.

When I marry you
That’s my last I do.
I will be forever yours.

I know I sound old fashion’
But I want all your love and passion.
I will give you all my compassion.

I will wait for years.
I won’t give into fears.
I will not listen to the sneers.

When I marry you
That’s my only I do.
I will forever be yours.

I will be your wife.
I won’t cause you strife.
Love will be the theme of our life.

I know we won’t always agree.
But I will always fix your tea.
Together we will travel the sea.

When I marry you
That’s my only I do.
I am yours forever,

And you my always
As the church bells ring
Our hearts together will sing
Forever and Always.

This is my answer to everyone who’s ever asked me if/when I want to get married. I don’t care when, it only matter to who. And I haven’t found him yet. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Keep smiling, awesome sauce! [=

Allie ❤

“Waiting is a sign of true love and patience. Anyone can say I love you, but not everyone can wait and prove it’s true.” ~Unknown

Thanksgiving Day…

Hello my lovely friends, I hope you are having a wonderful thanksgiving! Today I wrote a haiku inspired poem to wish you all a very happy thanksgiving! Enjoy!!!

Thanksgiving Day

Happy Thanksgiving.
Hold close friends and family.
Have a thankful day!

Thankfully praise God,
For blessings undeserved,
and daily mercies.

Thankfulness daily,
Brings true happiness and joy.
Happy thanksgiving!!!

I hope you are all having a wonderful thanksgiving!!! Hold your loved ones close, enjoy them while you can! Share something you’re thankful for in the comments!!! I’m thankful for people! Without people I wouldn’t be who I am today. ❤

Feel free to like share and comment. [=

Until we meet again my lovely friend
Princess Allie ❤

“Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot“~Hausa Proverb

Through The Windows Of October #26

Hello friends, today’s inspiration comes from depression. It’s about conquering small doses of depression. Of course if you have depressive thoughts more than a few times a month you should go to your Doctor and talk to someone about it. But this is the depression we all feel and face in our everyday life’s.

It started with a need,
A need to be freed.

A fake smile,
Pretending awhile.

My heart beating fast,
Wishing this were all past.

Wanting hopes to collide,
Dreaming my future aside.

But I have no hope…
Just a long rope.

A way out…
No ones about.

The dark night…
The moon light.

Something swallows me whole,
I feel it deep in my soul…

I hear a voice…
Telling me to make a choice.

I can feel…
The numbness is real.

I don’t understand,
I lift my hand.

I see my fingers move,
Staring at the tiny grove.

I know in my head,
That I should go to bed.

I should forget this wave,
To my feelings, I am not a slave.

I need to force myself to choose reason.
Reason… Reason… Reason…

I must remove this from my mind.
Before it’s my body that they find…

This is only depression.
I can stop this oppression.

I need to find my calling,
Stop this endless falling.

I must instill meaning,
Into my being…

I must look ahead and remember,
I can make it through December.

I can make it through the cold.
When it’s Jesus that I hold.

I can make it through tonight.
With that one ray of light…

I have a purpose…
I may not see it on the surface.

But I conquered the rope,
I’m holding onto a drop of hope.

I’ve looked past my sorrow,
Into some else’s tomorrow.

My today really isn’t that bad.
I’m just a little sad…

I cannot control,
The uncontrollable.

Myself I must console,
While words are consolable.

For me, there is no need for pills,
Just for hugs, when I feel the chills.

I just need a reminder.
God has made me a survivor.

I hope you guys are all doing well, I’ll make this short since my poem was so long. I just wanted to share this for anyone who is struggling with depression or sadness. I want you to know you are not alone and God loves you. God has made a way out just for you. I love you too. I’ll be back tomorrow with a new post. Keep your chins held high and smile. {=

Feel free to like, share and comment. [=

Princess Allie ❤

Through The Windows Of October #25

Hello friends, today’s inspiration comes from facing difficulties in life.

The Stormy Sea

When my ship is sinking low,
And all I see is woe.
When I feel I can’t go on,
Life has passed me on.
That’s when he comes walking,
On the water where I’m drowning.
He whispers to me “my child I am here.”
“I’ll never give you more then you can bear.”

I hope you have all enjoyed your weekend and have gotten some rest!!! I will be back tomorrow with a new post. Keep smiling on!

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Princess Allie ❤

Through The Windows Of October #5

Hello guys! ^_^ I hope you are all having an amazing Monday! Well today I have a poem that will brighten your spirits! (Hopefully!) =D

The Sunrise

The Painting On The Wall

There are two paintings on my wall
I made them when I wasn’t very tall
When things of importance were small
Back when I lived to kick a soccer ball
And play outside within my mothers call

Now things are different from my childhood days
The simplicity of life’s magic still stays
I still love dressing up and acting in plays
And sometime even swimming in bays
Memories come flowing back of molding clays

Now everything is filled with anxiety and fear
We can never get close or hold loved ones near
Because we’re to busy to comfort their tear
We no longer have time to listen and hear
Am I the only one finding this queer?

I think we all need to take a look back
Before the days we started talking smack
That time long ago we played in an old shack
We kept all our treasures in a blue backpack
Long before we had our names in a plaque.

Yes, back to those days we played by the brook
And we read Grimm’s fairy tale book
Remember the time we played campfire cook
We still need the joy, playtime and cleaver look
We had on those adventures we undertook

I stare at the paintings made in my childhood past
And I realize it will be okay to finish last
To take my time, think, pray and fast
Smell the roses and have a blast
Because the wisdom I grain will be vast.

I hope you enjoyed the poem! I’ll see you again in a post tomorrow. (=

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Princess Allie ❤

Through The Windows Of October #1

It’s the first day of October!!! ^_^ That means it’s the first day of Through the Windows of October! xD I decided to start off by writing about the most important thing to me, my faith! I hope you all are having an awesome day!!! Enjoy!!!

My Heavenly Father

Through the first window you shall see
What’s most important to me.
My heavenly father, My king.
He’s my inspiration when I sing.
I love seeing that twinkle in his eyes.
I can’t wait to be telling the earth my goodbyes.
But I must wait.
My Father is never late.
My Father asks me to show the earth his grace.
I am learning to be content in this place.
I will kiss the children of men.
I will teach them how my father washes away sin,
Making us victorious over evil again and again.
I will show them how to win!
My Father will bless them for he is Just.
We’ll learn to walk by faith and trust.
So until my Father takes us home
We must learn to live content and blameless before him.

Thank you all for reading! God bless and have a beautiful day! If this has blessed you please feel free to like or share. See you tomorrow!!! ^_^ And don’t forget to smile today! 😉

Princess Allie ❤

The Voyage

I don’t really have an introduction for this poem. It is just simple a moment in life we all must face whether we will live by faith in God or by the vision of man. Enjoy!!! [=

The Voyage

I’ve kept the north star
Within my sights.
But clouds are moving in
A storm, without moonbeams or star light.
I must trust the charts, the maps
The author there of.

He has been right so far,
I feel the pressure though—
One wrong move… ‘Twill be the end.
Cold waves begin to rise, the bow dips low.
I see fear in my men’s eyes.
Others will not know… for they haven’t ties,
To the Lady Elizabeth Rose
Or her sailors.

I feel my ship rocking, tossing and creaking.
I feel my men begin to lose hope.
I start to sing the songs of our homeland.
I’m desperately trying to cope.
The lightening crashes around us,
The mast needs to come down…

We’re on fire! Cries a voice loud.
My hope and faith slip… This is a wooden ship!
I cry out to all my men, STOP AND PRAY!
I hear the fires crackling over the storm.
My head is bowed.
My heart is surrendered.

Lord, please save us.
Lord, we’ve done all we can do.
We are trusting you to
save us… Or give us dying grace.

We pray as the flames grow.
We cry out to the Lord and master of the ship and sea.
It feels like hours are passing as the air runs low.
That’s when we hear shouting
From The Lily of The Valley.
What a bright morning star!!!

The Kings men welcome us aboard.
They help us save what we can from our ship.
The charts, maps and guide book from our Lord,
The ships flag, homeland flag and all our men alive.
We cry out with thankful hearts,
Praising our great Savior above!!!

I’m sorry I have been MIA most of the summer. Life has been really crazy lately but I really want to get back into writing again. So stick around there is a lot more to come very soon!!! =D Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to smile!

Thank you for reading. If this has blessed you please like and share.
Princess Allie ❤
Love ya!

The Things I Miss Most…

This post is dedicated to everyone who is lonely.

The things I miss most
Can’t be bought with money.
They’re things you only see,
Rarely in a life time.
The things I miss most
Are people, love and family.

You know that moment you love someone
You let them in.
They get to see and know the real you,
And they love you all the more.
The loved ones you hold near,
The ones you wish were here.
Friendships that last a life time.
Family and love that is stronger than blood!
These are the things I miss most,
People, Love and Family.

The inside jokes
The crying from laughter.
The smiles and unspoken words,
Those looks of understanding.
The joy of finally seeing each other again.
True family.
That is what I miss the most.

The kind of love that’s boundless and free,
Grounded in loyalty.
The kind of brotherhood found in
Knowing and loving the same God.
The kind of love that race nor politics can change.
The kind of love founded in the same values.
I miss my people, loved ones and family.

The hugs without thinking twice.
The phone calls out of the blue.
The gifts for no reason at all.
The words of encouragement even
When you both know you’re failing.
They come along to help you without being asked.
They have two shoulders when you need to cry.
This. This love is what I miss.

I miss the sharing, genuinely caring.
I miss the honesty even when it hurt.
I miss the two sided relationships.
I miss people, Love and Family
My brotherhood of close loved ones.

I’m the kind of person who builds a strong group of close friends anywhere and everywhere I go. But I’m learning I am not a magician and both parties have to want to be there. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of rejection and/or not belonging. The worst part of all is not being able to change it or fix it. Just having to endure and face the fact you’ve been rejected for whatever reason. It’s tough. But you always come out stronger for it. Strength is built and revealed through weakness and endurance. We have all been in the valley of life alone or pushed aside. But God is with us all the time. So we’re never truly alone!!! Jesus will heal your hurting heart and soul, He will give you the power to forgive and move on. The greatest thing of all is in heaven we will always be surrounded by love, loved ones and the creator of love Himself! So anytime you feel alone remember that Jesus left us a promise in Heb 13:5 “Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.” (KJV) If we live contentedly and without covetousness, God will never leave us “So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.” Heb 13:6
Isn’t that one of the most amazing promises in the word of God?!? Always remember God loves you, you are never alone.

Princess Allie ❤

Ps. I love you too.