Through The Windows Of October #12 2016

Hello my lovely friends. Enjoy today’s poem and illustration.


Little Dancer

Little dancer
Floating across the room

What must you feel
Weaving like an ancient loom

Full of grace
Transcending time and space

Strong bones
Long legs wrapped in muscle

Listening to tones
Of visual music

Spinning around
Until you hit the ground

We get lost
Deep within your laughter

Laughing is tossed
Aside. Tears begin to flow

Because one word
You heard from miles away

I spend ages
Rebuilding you. Wanting you to stay

But one day
You go only leaving your shadow

We put you
Into the cold hard earth

We sing your song
Because for you, we long

Little dancer
Why did you die?

Why did you
Give up over stupid words?

We see you
Walking around in business suits

But you killed
Something inside yourself

That day
You listened to what they say

Keep following your dreams. Keep doing every little thing that makes you, you! 

Allie ❤

“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”  ― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Day 3…

Hello my lovely friends. You get two quotes today because I couldn’t decide in between the two quotes, and I felt they went hand in hand. I hope you find today’s quotes inspiring! [=


If you can dream it you can do it.

The only difference in winning and losing is most often… not quitting.~ Walt Disney

We need Vision, Passion and Hustle. Endurance is the only thing that keeps us from our goals and dreams. I think it’s time to start believing in ourselves more and working harder to fulfill our dreams. Walt Disney is  inspiring. Walt Disney went to Hollywood bankrupted with great ideas, some sketches, a suitcase and a few bunks.  A dream truly is a wish your heart makes. (Here is Walt Disney’s Biography if you want to read the inspiring story of his life.)


I hope you are having a magnificent day, and feel inspired to make your dreams happen! There is no day like the present to start dreaming of a better future and making it happen. I know you will do great things in your life time!!!


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Until we meet again my lovely friend,

Princess Allie ❤

Ps. I also found this quote inspiring. (What are your thoughts about me posting inspirational quotes at the end of my posts?)

“Things may come to those who wait but only the things left by those who hustle.”- Abraham Lincoln



Through The Windows Of October #22

Hey guys!!! Over this past month I have gained quite a few new followers. So I thought it would be fun to get to know each other better! That being said today’s post is going to be a bit different and won’t be a poem… I know sad ]= but poem writing isn’t happening for me. Lets get started!!! [=

22 Facts about me
1. I suck at first impressions. Literally everyone reads me wrong upon meeting me.
2. I love Frogs, Dolphins, Sharks, Snakes and Cats.
3. I hated anything to do with English (as a class) until high school.
4. I love making jewelry. Necklace
5. I have thought about starting my career in photography, Fashion design, Psychology, Teaching, Therapy, Jewelry design, Acting, Writing, Journalism, Hair stylist, Liberal arts and First aid.
6. Robert Frost is my favorite poet.
7. I have only read 5 books more than once for enjoyment. (Those books would be The Magician’s nephew by C.S. Lewis, The Hunger games Series by Suzanne Collins and The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. )
8. I love to cook and bake.
9. My favorite thing on my bucket list is “To kiss 1,000 orphaned children”.
10. I love music. I love singing, playing the piano and violin.
11. My favorite hair style is a crown braid.
12. The one makeup product I can’t live without is lip balm.
13. My live verse is Psalms 126:5-6.

They that sow in tears shall reap in joy. He that goeth forth and weepeth, bearing precious seed, shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.

14. My all time favorite movies are Tangled (Disney), Spirit (Dreamworks), Sound Of Music (The Julie Andrews one.), Star Wars and Tron (both of them).
15. I am allergic to seafood.
16. My favorite foods are Mangoes, Pickles, Salad, Hot wings and Potatoes. [=
17. I hate snow. My favorite season is summer.
18. I watch more youtube than I do Tv.
19. My favorite subject in school was always History.
20. I love water!!! Rain, waterfalls, brooks, ponds, lakes, oceans… I LOVE THEM ALL!!!
21. I am dying to visit every WW2 museum and monument.
22. While writing this I couldn’t stop thinking about T swifts song 22. =P

Please share something about yourself in the comments!!! I love hearing from you all!!! I hope you are all having a good day! I’ll be back tomorrow with a new blog post!

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Princess Allie ❤

Through The Windows Of October #2

Some of my fondest memories are of playing in the rain with family and friends. But as we get older we some how deem it nonsense to play in the rain and otherwise. Adults (and really anyone over 10 years old) are too grown to play. I personally think that’s wrong. I think there is a time to play, a time to goof off even if you are 65 and own the largest skyscraper in NYC! I understand we all need to learn to be serious but we can’t forget to play!!! There are already too many serious things in this world. 😉

Playing in The Rain.

Don’t tell me I’m too old,
I won’t listen to you scold!
It really is alright for me to play in the rain,
I won’t catch a cold.

Why, why does it make you so mad???
I jumped into a puddle or two, that’s nothing bad.
Yes, now my clothes are spoiled.
But that’s no reason to be sad.

Why do you think it’s foolish
For me to dance in the rain???
So my clothes will have little stains.

You think I’m insane when I give your children rings,
We run outside jumping in puddles, being Queens and Kings.
But dear, we’re just visiting Narnia and worlds beyond your view!

To be honest, I don’t understand you at all!!!
Your children are very smart for ones so small.
Just because you’re grown doesn’t mean you know everything.

When I grew up my childhood self came too.
She lives and breathes in everything I do.
Sometimes I let her lead, we make messes and play.

That crazy child inside of me, sees everything as a joke,
Or a funny game called poke!
But I’m very responsible too,
I know when to put things back into the Zoo.

So don’t condemn with nasty looks,
Or judge my story books!
Because sometime the child in you will be leading,
And it will always be okay.

Listen to that voice inside your head,
Telling you play is discovery masked in joy!
Next time you see us playing with “kid” toys,
Or doing the things for girls and boys,
Come join us, no matter our age,
We are the ones becoming sage!

I hope you all enjoyed today’s poem! It was a pleasure to write and share with you all! ^_^
Thank you so much for reading! I’ll see you all tomorrow with in a new post! xD

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Princess Allie ❤