Through The Windows Of October #17

Hello again it’s me, Allie. Today I wrote a poem inspired by facing the things you fear most.


Conquering All

I am a bird about to take flight.
I am no longer scared of the cold dark night.

I will raise my wings,
Feel the wind, that step of faith… flings

Me over the edge.
Today and forevermore I will pledge,

To be honest, courageous and kind.
To everyone, even myself in my mind.

The tension as I fall through the sky.
I’m so unsure what made me fear this high.

I am brave, I’m an overcomer, I am the child of God.
I am flawed.

But in my flaws God’s light shines through.
I am a witness, I have a job to do!

My God will not take all my burdens away,
But He will guide me and close by my side stay.

I begin to fly so high through the azure sky.
My heart melts for the beauty, the clouds I fly by.

I will defeat my greatest fear.
I will not stay here.

It is God’s hand that will steer.
I will not hide emotions or tear.

I am a bird in flight.
Conquering all my fears tonight!

I hope you are all having a fantastic Saturday! I will be back with a new post tomorrow, I’ll see you all then! Remember no matter your fear it is conquerable! Someone before you has defeated it and you can too!

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Princess Allie ❤