#18 NaPoWriMo, Home…

Hello my lovely friends. Today’s challenge is to write about the sounds of home. Enjoy.


Home is my ear
Against your crest
Making a song of your heart beat.

Home is meaning it
When we say
“I will never leave you
Alone in the dark.”

Home is our voices
Whispering in each ear
Just how much we
Love the other.

Home is little feet
Racing by
On grand adventures
Or —
Just getting back
At that sibling.

Home is hearing
only the truth
from your lips.

Home is the sea,
Her tide.
The birds
And singing hand in hand.

Home is a melody of giggles
And sunshine.

Home is my dads car
Door shutting
And racing to be
The first one to

Home is not the sound
Of a town.

Home is the sounds
Of the
I love.

Home is waking to
My sisters
And parents
A new midnight song
For my ears alone.

Home is water flowing
Dishes being washed,
Laundry going.
And a very old
Loud piano.

Home is a treasured song
To my melodious ears.
A harmonious song
Only few know the words to.
And I know
All by heart.

I hope you are having a wonderful Monday. Keep smiling, awesome sauce!

Allie ❤

“I look at you and I’m home.” ~Dory From finding Nemo

#2 NaPoWriMo, Home…

Hello my lovely friends. Today’s challenge was to write about Family, my inspiration comes from those I love most. ❤ Enjoy.


    Home is not a house.

    Home is not connected by blood.

    Home is not a place.

    Home is not found in a human race.

    Home is an escape.

    Home is arms,
    Wrapped around you warmly.

    Home is safe.

    Home is a strong tower,
    Protecting from all evil power.

    Home is those you love.

    Home is where you share,
    With those who care.

    Home is warm.

    Home is light.

    Home is cozy.

    Home smells of good memories.

    Home sounds like sweet music.

    Home is laughter and joy.

    Home is calm and peaceful.

    Home is a special bond.

    Home is forgiveness.

    Home is family,
    Those that make your insides smile.

    Home is loyalty.

    Home is kind.

    Home is love.

    Home is always there.

    Home is so many things…
    Words fail me.

    Home is where my heart is.

Today I tried free style on for size… I really don’t know how I feel about it. >_< But anywho I hope you are having a wonderful day! Keep smiling, awesome sauce!!!

Allie ❤

“Family isn’t always blood. It’s the people in your life who want you in theirs; the ones who accept you for who you are. The ones who would do anything to see you smile and who love you no matter what.” ~Unknown

Nobody knows me.

I haven’t posted here in awhile… I’m not really sure. Actually I do know. It’s because I haven’t felt like letting anyone see me raw, broken down. *sigh* April has been a rough month for many reasons. I needed to seem strong, dependable and able to handle it all on my own. But like any human I can’t. Hahaha this has nothing to do with the poem I’m going to share!!! I just thought I would share a bit about why I haven’t posted since march.

Nobody knows me
And here’s the reason why
I’m the girl in the hoodie
In the back of the room
I’m always being seen
But never really known
I’m the girl who sings
Who’s everyone’s friend
But nobody knows me in the end
I’m the girl who can do no wrong
But lets fear hold me back
Like a bump on a log
I’m the girl who cries every night
Who hides her tears out of sight
I’m the girl everyone see
But no one knows what’s inside of me
I’m the girl you miss but don’t know why
I’m the girl you go to when you cry
I’m the girl who learns to stand strong
I’m the girl who pretends that nothing is wrong
Yes, what you see is part of me
But like every pearl I have a shell
I’m what you see and so much more
Looking at is me is like a door
That door is to welcome you to a home
But that door is not the home
Open the door and you will find
People, that make a family
If you only see me you’ll never know
Just who I am or that I’m not such a bore!

I hope you enjoyed reading my poem and were able to relate. Have a wonderful weekend and happy Thursday. =]

Princess Allie ❤