#29 NaPoWriMo, Do You Remember…

Hello my lovely friends. Today’s challenge is to write a poem inspired by things I remember. Enjoy!!!

Do You Remember

How things seemed so big when we were small.
Or the first time we ran into the freezers door and felt tall.

I remember the first time someone thought my sibling was my child.
And a friend my H U S B A N D…

Do you remember learning how to read?
I remember never taking heed.

How music made us feel something
And playing on the playground was everything.

Do you remember our wedding under the slide
Or how we used to seek and hide?

I remember the first goodbye
And holding it all together in a little sigh.

Do you remember the clouds on that day
Oh how your eyes begged me to stay.

Do you remember our childhood
Our secret club and brotherhood.

Am I the only one who can relive those moments
That have long been spent… and forgotten since.

Do you remember my name?
Or hair that couldn’t be tame?

Do you remember anything at all
Or is it all some dream I saw?

I hope you are having a wonderful day. Keep smiling beautiful!

Allie ❤

“Sometimes, remembering hurts too much.” ― Jess Rothenberg