Through The Windows Of October #30 2016

Hello my lovely friends. Enjoy today’s poem.


I watch the clouds floating by
Traveling like birds up so high

The sun walks from the sky
The stars pop up to say hi

The trees dance through the night
Swaying, spinning by moonlight

I hope you are having a wonderful day.

Allie ❤

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”
― John Muir

Through The Windows Of October #27

Hello friends. Today’s inspiration comes from Rain.

Rain boots
Rain Boots

My boots were made for the rain,
Like my soul was made to conquer pain.

My rain boots were made for dancing,
Like my eyes were made for glancing.

My hands were made for holding,
Like my clothes were made for folding.

I was made to love you,
Like the law is held to.

You were made to love me,
Like the waves across the sea.

So I will dance under the midnight moon,
And I will be dreaming of you very soon.

I hope you are all having a wonderful day. I will be back tomorrow with a new post. Keep your chins held high and smiles wide, my conquers! =D

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Princess Allie ❤

Friendship born under the stars.

There is just something about the night sky, fairies and mermaids that makes you want to be a child again. This is the first short story I’ve written in poetic form. Enjoy!!!

Fairies sing.
Bells ring.
The moon
Is about.
Stars soon
Come out.
Mermaids squeal.
Excitement feel.


The fairy sits in the moon light
Staring at the stars in the night.
The mermaid dances under the moon
She will kiss the mermen soon.
They meet at twilight in the wood.
Their bond of friendship can’t be broken.
Whispering until sunrise in their childhood.
And the only one who knows is Mr. Raccoon.
The mermaid goes back to her lagoon.
The fairy takes a seat in the grass where it’s bright.

They’ve been close friends since the first star sang at twilight.


Bunnies hop.

Rain stop.

The day

Time sun.

The hay

Is fun.

Blue sky.

Monarch butterfly.


The fairy and mermaid both grow old.

They have husbands and children, we’re told.

But every year on the great full moon.

They meet each other to sing a tune.

By moonlight they watch ships sailing far from shore.

They watch the ships in the sea of love, so deep and strong.

They watch sadly the ships fighting and going to war

With sword, spear and deadly harpoon.

They talk snuggled up in a warm cocoon.

The mermaid’s sea castle and shimmering jewels of colors bold.

They talk all through the night until the stars begin to grow cold.


Fairies cry.

Mermaids die.

The earth

Lives on.

Child birth,

Mother gone.

Friendship deep.

Forever asleep.

This story was inspired by a close friends of mine. It was crazy trying out this new way of story telling but I really love the way it turned out!

Sorry I haven’t posted anything lately. I’ve been super busy but I’m going to try to post once a week again. 😀

Princess Allie ❤