The Things I Miss Most…

This post is dedicated to everyone who is lonely.

The things I miss most
Can’t be bought with money.
They’re things you only see,
Rarely in a life time.
The things I miss most
Are people, love and family.

You know that moment you love someone
You let them in.
They get to see and know the real you,
And they love you all the more.
The loved ones you hold near,
The ones you wish were here.
Friendships that last a life time.
Family and love that is stronger than blood!
These are the things I miss most,
People, Love and Family.

The inside jokes
The crying from laughter.
The smiles and unspoken words,
Those looks of understanding.
The joy of finally seeing each other again.
True family.
That is what I miss the most.

The kind of love that’s boundless and free,
Grounded in loyalty.
The kind of brotherhood found in
Knowing and loving the same God.
The kind of love that race nor politics can change.
The kind of love founded in the same values.
I miss my people, loved ones and family.

The hugs without thinking twice.
The phone calls out of the blue.
The gifts for no reason at all.
The words of encouragement even
When you both know you’re failing.
They come along to help you without being asked.
They have two shoulders when you need to cry.
This. This love is what I miss.

I miss the sharing, genuinely caring.
I miss the honesty even when it hurt.
I miss the two sided relationships.
I miss people, Love and Family
My brotherhood of close loved ones.

I’m the kind of person who builds a strong group of close friends anywhere and everywhere I go. But I’m learning I am not a magician and both parties have to want to be there. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of rejection and/or not belonging. The worst part of all is not being able to change it or fix it. Just having to endure and face the fact you’ve been rejected for whatever reason. It’s tough. But you always come out stronger for it. Strength is built and revealed through weakness and endurance. We have all been in the valley of life alone or pushed aside. But God is with us all the time. So we’re never truly alone!!! Jesus will heal your hurting heart and soul, He will give you the power to forgive and move on. The greatest thing of all is in heaven we will always be surrounded by love, loved ones and the creator of love Himself! So anytime you feel alone remember that Jesus left us a promise in Heb 13:5 “Let your conversation be without covetousness; and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never leave thee nor forsake thee.” (KJV) If we live contentedly and without covetousness, God will never leave us “So that we may boldly say, The Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me.” Heb 13:6
Isn’t that one of the most amazing promises in the word of God?!? Always remember God loves you, you are never alone.

Princess Allie ❤

Ps. I love you too.

Nobody knows me.

I haven’t posted here in awhile… I’m not really sure. Actually I do know. It’s because I haven’t felt like letting anyone see me raw, broken down. *sigh* April has been a rough month for many reasons. I needed to seem strong, dependable and able to handle it all on my own. But like any human I can’t. Hahaha this has nothing to do with the poem I’m going to share!!! I just thought I would share a bit about why I haven’t posted since march.

Nobody knows me
And here’s the reason why
I’m the girl in the hoodie
In the back of the room
I’m always being seen
But never really known
I’m the girl who sings
Who’s everyone’s friend
But nobody knows me in the end
I’m the girl who can do no wrong
But lets fear hold me back
Like a bump on a log
I’m the girl who cries every night
Who hides her tears out of sight
I’m the girl everyone see
But no one knows what’s inside of me
I’m the girl you miss but don’t know why
I’m the girl you go to when you cry
I’m the girl who learns to stand strong
I’m the girl who pretends that nothing is wrong
Yes, what you see is part of me
But like every pearl I have a shell
I’m what you see and so much more
Looking at is me is like a door
That door is to welcome you to a home
But that door is not the home
Open the door and you will find
People, that make a family
If you only see me you’ll never know
Just who I am or that I’m not such a bore!

I hope you enjoyed reading my poem and were able to relate. Have a wonderful weekend and happy Thursday. =]

Princess Allie ❤