The Moment…

Hey guys sorry I haven’t posted anything this week… I honestly just needed a break after last month. It really burnt me out! I’m thinking about how often I want to post and being a poet it’s hard to put a time limit on creativity. So I think for now I will be posting when I feel inspired to share. I hope you all enjoy today’s poem inspired by this moment of time. [=

River by The High way

This moment

I can hear children playing,
And mothers saying,
“Can someone please…”
The brothers soft tease
Comes drifting with a mothers sigh.
I glance up into the wet sky.
I see the birds fly,
I watch the autumn leaves floating by.
I hear the rain drops sing.
I hear a phone ring.
I watch the pools fill,
The birds are singing still.
I feel the cold wind blow,
And the rain like snow.
The cars driving filled with passengers.
And rich business men in challengers.
They all missed this moment…
There’s no way they saw this movement.
We all miss things common to everyday,
We say we’ll see them someday.
We don’t look up into the sky,
We just keep rushing on by.
How will we tell our children what today was like.
If we never stop, smell the moment… be psych.
We all see things differently,
So we need to appreciate them momently.
Keep a journal… write things down.
Even the things that make you frown.
It’s time to look at what’s around you,
And be thankful for what you feel too.
It’s time to appreciate this moment.
It’s time to listen to others comment.
We get this time and space,
Only for a little pace.
Until it’s gone,
The day is done.
And we sleep…
Sleep in death.

About a year or so ago I read the play Our Town by Thornton Wilder, it’s an amazing play about our everyday life’s. About the simple moments we live. It quickly because my favorite play… I looked it up on youtube and watched it by different actors. It changed my life. It really made me stop, think and see things I never knew were there. I guess this was, in part, inspired by Mr. Wilder because he showed me how simple today actually is. Thank you so much for reading. I hope you enjoyed it! Keeps smiling dearies!

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Princess Allie ❤