For Paris…

Last night I signed into FB to find news that broke my heart, in raged me and made me want to cry. This poem is for Paris.

For Paris

Paris we on bended knees, do pray.
That your safety will stay.
That you will remain very strong,
Against those who have done you wrong.

Paris our hearts are broken for you.
We are crying with you too.
Today will never be forgotten,
You have been misbegotten.

Paris we stand shoulder to shoulder.
Paris we saw your city in fear smolder.
Paris we love your people dearly.
Paris we for crying, can’t see clearly.

Paris we stand with you
Paris we are praying for you too.
Paris our love is true.
Paris stronger you’ll come through.

As we go through our busy day please don’t forget what happened yesterday. Please pray for Paris. It could sadly happen to anyone. We need to stand together and comfort one another in this hardship. Tell someone you love them because yesterday someone had that privilege taken away.

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Until we meet again
Princess Allie ❤