Through The Windows of October #6

A poet's dinner

Hello again, today I have a poem and a recipe for Mexican rice! I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration here.

The Poet’s Dinner

A poet sits at dinner
He isn’t eating much.
He is busy watching others
Who he saw at lunch.
He is thinking of their stories.
Wondering where they’ll go.
Hoping they didn’t see him staring so.
He starts to eat not tasting a thing.
He is too busy thinking to hear the ring.
I watch his shocked expression
As a young lady walks in.
She comes to his table
He doesn’t say a word,
I kinda wonder if he’s able.
Her shirt says “Beautiful nerd”.
She has a sweet smile,
He has a serious brow.
They both start talking now.
I watch them share his fries,
And then they say their goodbyes.
They leave happier for meeting.
I look around for better seating.
Until someone else comes along,
And my inspiration is strong.

Mexican Rice

Allie’s Mexican Rice

4 cups of rice
8-10 cups of water
16oz can of tomatoes
8oz of salsa
1/2 cup of Jalapeno (don’t add if you want a mild rice)
1 chopped onion
1 Tbl of chili powder
1/2 tbl of black pepper
3 Tbl of paprika
1 Tbl garlic

Mix all ingredients into a large pot, put on high heat until boils then turn down to low until rice is soft about 30 minutes. Serve with tacos, soups and salads.

I hope you are all enjoying your Tuesday evening! Let me know if you try the recipe. ^_^ Have a wonderful night. I’ll be back tomorrow with a new post!

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Princess Allie ❤

Through The Windows Of October #5

Hello guys! ^_^ I hope you are all having an amazing Monday! Well today I have a poem that will brighten your spirits! (Hopefully!) =D

The Sunrise

The Painting On The Wall

There are two paintings on my wall
I made them when I wasn’t very tall
When things of importance were small
Back when I lived to kick a soccer ball
And play outside within my mothers call

Now things are different from my childhood days
The simplicity of life’s magic still stays
I still love dressing up and acting in plays
And sometime even swimming in bays
Memories come flowing back of molding clays

Now everything is filled with anxiety and fear
We can never get close or hold loved ones near
Because we’re to busy to comfort their tear
We no longer have time to listen and hear
Am I the only one finding this queer?

I think we all need to take a look back
Before the days we started talking smack
That time long ago we played in an old shack
We kept all our treasures in a blue backpack
Long before we had our names in a plaque.

Yes, back to those days we played by the brook
And we read Grimm’s fairy tale book
Remember the time we played campfire cook
We still need the joy, playtime and cleaver look
We had on those adventures we undertook

I stare at the paintings made in my childhood past
And I realize it will be okay to finish last
To take my time, think, pray and fast
Smell the roses and have a blast
Because the wisdom I grain will be vast.

I hope you enjoyed the poem! I’ll see you again in a post tomorrow. (=

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Princess Allie ❤


The greatest battles we fight in this life are fought in our minds, words cut deep but our thoughts are ever present.


The battle starts and ends in your mind. The battle may be triggered by words or images but your mind and thoughts are what take you to the darkest places. It happens at night in your room, you cry the hardest, you sit alone. This is the battle. You start believing the lies. “You’re too ugly”, “You are too fat”, “You’re not worthy of love”, “You’re too skinny”, “You deserve this”, “No one really loves you”, “The world would be better without you”, etc. This is the real war. It’s you against your thoughts. People may tell you these words but it’s you who believes them. It hurts to hear but when you truly don’t believe these words you push these kind of abusive thoughts away. But when you’re looking for approval you give the power to define you to others.

The other day I was asked if anything bad had ever happened to me. My first thought was when has my life not been a mess? I smiled and said “Of course I have lived through pain and heartache. But I would rather smile through the tears and sing through the trials.”

There was a young girl. She was never supposed to be. She was a reminder of her mothers biggest mistake. She grew up in a struggling home. Her parents newly weds, trying to make a life together. Living with grandparents. This girl was always smiling, laughing and full of life. A few years later the same girl moved to a larger city. The city kids were different, they talked and walked differently. The girl tried her best to fit in. She changed herself to play the part. The world became a stage and she was the actor in the light but behind closed doors she fell apart. She was broken, She had no one, She cried herself to sleep most nights, She stopped trusting people, She became numb to everything, nothing matter anymore. She was stuck without away out. The girl was the most popular she had ever been. She looked happy on the outside. She played her part well. She wasn’t brave enough to take her life but she thought about it. She was a good kid. Her parents took her to church. She didn’t want to go to church anymore because all she saw was shallow hypocrisy. She went on a Family vacation to a little town. She didn’t want to go. The Sunday afternoon, before the girl went home, in a little church the preacher spoke on Psalms 23. The preacher told of a peace and hope that she could have. The girl went forward after the service and accepted this peace for herself. She let Jesus be her savor and put her faith in him. That day she got hope and a clean heart. Nothing else changed in her life, she still had problems, she still had to face the shallowness and all the feelings from before but now she had hope that tomorrow would be better. Now she had someone to walk with her through these trials. She no longer had to be strong enough to carry the burdens of this life alone. She moved again. She still struggled with trusting people. She still kept her thoughts to herself and played her part. As she got to know the people in her new church. She realized they were different. They loved her for no reason, she could see. They protected each other and took care of each other. Being in this church changed her so much, she grew so much. She began to come out of her shell. The girl started trusting slowly again, She started loving again, She started laughing again, She started caring again. She still struggle to this day with depression. When the memories and hopelessness haunt her, she pushes the thoughts aside. She reminds herself she has hope and she has people who care about her.

I want you to know you are not the only one. Many people get bullied, many struggle with depression and yes, even Christians face these problems daily.  The only way to break free is to remember the truth. You are loved! You are beautiful. You are worth it! Stop listening to the lies in your head and God loves you and I love you.

Princess Allie ❤