Through The Windows Of October #3


Today’s inspiration comes from my sock draw. Yes you read that right. It’s Saturday so I thought it would be fitting to write something more funny and laid back!

My Socks

My socks come from all over the world.
I have socks from China, Italy and my home land.
I hate walking around in sock on sand!
I have socks that will blind you.
And I have a black pair or two.
I have mismatch socks,
I have socks with minion eyes.
I still want those socks with the little fox!
I have socks with little bowties.
I have socks covered in hearts,
And socks with musical parts.
I wish I had a sock that glowed in the dark!
Or maybe ones from hallmark!
But I have socks will bells,
And none from jail cells!
I have girly socks, silly socks,
I have lots and lots of socks!
I love my socks that keep my feet warm!
Fluffy socks, cozy socks, little toe socks!
Those little unsung hero’s Socks,
Keeping my feet dye in the rain storm!

Now I’m curious what kind of socks you have in jail cells!!! ^_^ Anyway I hope you enjoyed the poem and thank you so much for reading. Have a wonderful Saturday. I’ll see you tomorrow with another post!

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Princess Allie ❤