Through The Windows Of October #2 2016

Hello my lovely friends. Enjoy today’s poem and illustration.


The Midnight Sky

The stars are out my child
Look up into the sky
See the light
See the bright
Northern star up high
Listen, it’s midnight my child


I hope you had a restful night and are ready for a bright new day! [=

Allie ❤

“Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light;
I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night.” ― Sarah Williams

#17 NaPoWriMo, Their Perspective…

Hello my lovely friends. Today’s challenge is to write a poem using 10 or more words from a specialized dictionary… I did not do it. I have learned from this challenge I do not find inspiration in dictionaries or in indexes. So Today I wrote about the stars. Enjoy.

Their Perspective

I went to my dictionary
I looked up the word
S T A R.

“A celestial object that consists of extremely hot gases and emits radiation and light.”

But I continued reading
Not liking what I was seeing.

“A luminous, relatively stationary celestial body visible from earth. Esp. At night.”

This is a scientists definition
I want a poets imagination.

“The celestial bodies, regarded as determining and influencing human events.”

This is going in the right direction
But it is only a reflection.

“Fate; fortune.”

You must have mistaken me
That is not what I want to see.

“A design or emblem representing a star…”

I throw the book.
I didn’t give it another look.

I wanted to know the star…
Ones near and far.
I’m searching for a new
I want to know what it is
to be a star.
Shining light,
Faithfully guiding through the night.
Always being observed…
But never truly felt…
No one ever touching,
Never having anyone in your warmth.
Being only seen,
On dark clear nights.
Only when the people look up.
What must that be like???
You are surrounded by friends
But feeling lonely in the end…
Because no one wants to share your pain…
They only want your glory
And beauty.
What must it be like
To be the candle light
Of the darkened night…
In the beautiful heavens
Looking down to know…
That’s what I must know!
So I turn to poetry
To define it for me.

I hope you are having a jolly holiday!!! (Mary Poppins is on the mind.) Keep smiling, awesome sauce!!!

Allie ❤

“I wonder how many people I’ve looked at all my life and never seen.”
― John Steinbeck

I wished upon a flying plane…

Hey, sorry it’s been so long… I’ll not make excuses I’ve just been unable to bring myself to write. It happens to every writer, we want to write something others will relate to and be true to ourselves, while keeping to a time line of due dates… You can’t rush art! 😉 Well today I’m hoping to make you laugh or a least smile at your screen.

I wished upon an airplane…
The city girl’s shooting star,
I was amazed, gazing at it from afar.
It kept coming towards me…
I began to tremble with fear,
I felt my heart beat in my ear.
No one even noticed…
Everyone was too busy!
The world is making me dizzy.
What would my last word be…?
Who would hear me call?
Will I be remember at all?
I hear it first, the sound shattering the night sky.
That’s when I realize it has wings and engines to fly.
I wished upon this “star”… A plane.
I was fearful in vain!!!

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve looked up into the city sky to see the lights and planes. Cities have their own kinda of beauty, man made and sometime not very authentic, but still beautiful. I love the city and the countryside but what I love most about earth is all the people! I love people and how we think. I love how we can be strong when we’re very weak. I love how we connect… hahaha I just love people because they are like the stars, lighting this world with flames of hope, passion, grace and beauty! I hope you are all having a fantastic weekend!

Princess Allie ❤