Through The Windows Of October #24

Hello again, today’s inspiration comes from Beauty and the Beast. ❤


A Tale As Old As Time.

Sadly you’re a tale as old as time,
It truly is a crime…

You told us beauty isn’t what matters.
Run from a man who batters.

But you took all hope away,
When your father couldn’t stay.

You were strong,
But you got it all wrong.

You ran from one crazy man,
To be held captive by a madman.

Once he realized his love for you,
His kindness becomes “true.”

The beast let you go to your father,
Whom he sent away without a bother.

Once you have your father well,
At the crazy man’s feet you fell.

You asked to save the kind, loving beast.
I watched as your sanity decreased.

You run into the fight,
In the middle of the night.

To save a madman,
From the crazy man…

They are both fighting over you,
Until the crazy man off the roof flew.

You kissed the murderer as it happened.
Your love for him deepened.

You both lived happily ever after… somehow,
And no one ever even lifts an eyebrow…

No one seems to question,
Your crazy lesson.

That is why you will forever be,
A Tale as old as Time, kind of movie.

I’m sorry if I have ruined beauty and the beast for you. I was listening to the sound track earlier and thinking about the movie. And it just hit me how bizarre the story actually is. But I will forever want the library from Belle’s movie! ❤ Anywho I hope you are having an amazing Saturday! I'll be back tomorrow with a new post. Until then think and smile a lot! 😉

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Princess Allie ❤