My Happy Place…

Hello my lovely friends. It’s me again with another poem.

My Happy Place

The comfort of walls
Corners, close and

The warm embrace
Cuddling you though the

The quiet peace
No one ever noticing you.

Before their eyes
Invisible yet in

I hope you have been having the best day ever!!!!!

Allie ❤

“Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high.”
― William Goldman, The Princess Bride

3 Day Quote Challenge…

Hello my lovely friends. Today is the last day of this challenge. I hope you enjoyed the quotes I shared.

The lovely miss Jo from The Inquisitive Write tagged me to do this challenge. Thank you darling, it’s an honor. [=

“Have courage, and be kind.” ― Cinderella

This quote is very dear to my heart. It will always remind me of how precious and simple life is. Cinderella was facing great pain and grief but was still courageously kind, loving and generous.  If we only do something courageous and something kind everyday. The world will change positively. ❤

I am tagging:

Ms. Mei

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Ms. Truuty


Have a wonderful day.

Allie ❤

 “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” ― Cinderella

#23 NaPoWriMo, IDK…

Hello my lovely friends. Today’s challenge is to write a sonnet. Enjoy!


The number of things I don’t know have grown.
I do not seem to know my name anymore.
The things I used to know are now unknown.
I have forgotten them in my very core.
My mind has rejected knowledge and thrown
Understanding with wisdom out the door.
Things once simple to recall now have flown.
I need more then head knowledge to sore.
Memories I wish to refine and hone.
Good memories I wish to file and store
One day to my family they’ll be shown.
I wish to forget the nightmares I abhor.
These are thoughts I have when I am alone.
Having my own time to think, I adore.

I hope you enjoyed this sonnet. I also hope you had a wonderful day. keep smiling, gorgeous!!! ❤

Allie ❤

“I’ve always loved the night, when everyone else is asleep and the world is all mine. It’s quiet and dark—the perfect time for creativity.” ― Jonathan Harnisch