Through The Windows of October #7

Hello again, I hope you are all having a good hump day! 😉 Today I wrote about the power of our words. I hope you all enjoy!

Storm rolling in

The power of Words

Words cut like knifes
Ruining peoples lives.

The moment your lips part
You let the war start.

The screams, fighting
Flashing like lightning.

The storm clouds coming,
The rain starts flooding.

The wounds are deep.
Anger much to steep.

The flood gate erupt,
No one cares to interrupt.

The war rages,
It defies ages.

Pushing, until someone breaks.
Is that really what it takes?

Your heart turning to a stone.
Crushing them to the bone.

Words kill the spirit.
Even if you don’t see it.

They break the insides
While the person hides.

Watch your word everyday!
Do the best you can today!

Encourage others instead of tearing down,
It’s much more enjoyable I’ve found!

I will be back tomorrow with a new poem and hopeful feeling better! (Seasonal allergies is all, aren’t they so much fun! q=) I wish you all a wonderful day!

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Princess Allie ❤