3 Day Quote Challenge…

Hello my lovely friends. Today is the last day of this challenge. I hope you enjoyed the quotes I shared.

The lovely miss Jo from The Inquisitive Write tagged me to do this challenge. Thank you darling, it’s an honor. [=

“Have courage, and be kind.” ― Cinderella

This quote is very dear to my heart. It will always remind me of how precious and simple life is. Cinderella was facing great pain and grief but was still courageously kind, loving and generous.  If we only do something courageous and something kind everyday. The world will change positively. ❤

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Have a wonderful day.

Allie ❤

 “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes” ― Cinderella

Through Your Windows…

Hello, my lovely friend!!! It has been awhile since I last posted a poem. [= Today I am bringing you a long awaited poem… or maybe forgotten. Who really knows!!! But it is here all the same! I hope you enjoy!!! =D

Through Your Windows…

I see you through a window,
through the sun rays,
and tree leaves.

I see through your passion,
through your pain,
And tear drops.

I see you through the windows,
Of your very soul,
They’re gray.

The windows of your soul,
Have a sparkle,
They smile.

I see through your windows,
The innocence of your childhood,
And the sorrow.

I look into your windows,
Kissed by shooting stars,
and cloudy days.

I love seeing the world through your windows,
Through your windows you watch me,
I smile.

You see things through your windows,
I’ll never get to see.
Please share.

Remember I see things in your windows,
You can’t see,
Please listen.

Your windows need to be seen by the world,
The world has so much to learn from,
The shattering shards.

Don’t clean away all the dirt,
Or hide behind the curtains.
Show the scars.

I’ve heard your story many times,
By those who just pass on,
Look up.

They have no right to judge you.
They don’t value your windows,
But I do.

I know one day your windows
Will be viewed in galleries,
Across the world.

Your windows mean a lot to me,
They are a symbol of hope,
You are strong.

I’ve only ever seen you through my windows,
But I am inspired by your story,
Your life.

I wish I could look into your windows,
For the rest of my life but
I cannot.

Remember to look at the world through other’s eyes. Have a wonderful day and don’t forget to smile, awesome sauce!!!

Until we meet again,
Allie ❤
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“If only our eyes saw souls instead of bodies how very different our ideas of beauty would be ~Unknown